An item a month

Whilst I readily admit to myself that my blogging mojo is the best player of hide and seek in the world, I find it much harder to stomach that my sewing mojo also seems to have disappeared of late. I think it started when I re-organised my sewing room a month or so ago and put on display, on my new shelving,  all of the fabric that was in my stash. It seems that looking at that pile of fabric each day has had the opposite result to what I intended, namely to have all of my sewing options visible and I’ve now started to actively dislike all of my previous fabric purchases, which I know is illogical. After all, it can’t be true that I hate ALL of my Liberty tana lawn, or all of that Linton wool coating. Nevertheless,  I’m a little depressed about the whole sewing thing.

Oonaballoona wrote about something similar and it helped me recognise my symptoms too. Thank you Oona.

That’s also not to say that I’ve been quiet for the last month. Far from it!  I just found a new gorgeous, exciting best friend to distract me;  knitting. This friend is very selfish though and  seems to have swamped my interest in ANYTHING else.

Whilst I love learning some new skills I also want to sew too, so I’m going to have to do something different if I want to get over this, hopefully, temporary interruption to normal service. Longer term, my knitting is going to have to learn to share nicely with my sewing. Like good friends do.

So, it seems feasible, without being too ambitious, that I can sew at least one item of clothing each month, fitted around my other interests and the large knitting list I want to get done. With that in mind, and accepting that I don’t want to plan too far ahead, I am committing to sewing the next 3 months items here.

I still have to decide what they are but they will include some if not all of the following.

Stash busting
Xmas sewing
Practical and wearable (a first for me!)

First priority October. Can’t wait to get planning.