Body image…..I’m bored

I’m old enough to call myself a feminist and to be proud of that label too. No post feminism angst on that from me. I recognise we still have lots of work to do and I’m willing to challenge misogyny whenever I come across it. I have daughters and I hope that their future will be as free from prejudice and injustice as possible.

I just wish we’d move forward from the endless discussion of body image issues. It’s been explored, ad nauseum, really, and I don’t feel there’s anything new to add to the discussion. It sometimes feels like we’re pandering to a male agenda even discussing it any more.  And don’t get me started on the Gok Wan, how to Look Good Naked subject.  Anyway, it strikes me that it’s become an Industry, not a real subject, taken over by the opportunistic and well, men, like the surgeons and the medical establishment as well as the media.

So let’s please, please, in relation to sewing and crafting,  just agree that our shapes are, well our shapes, and we’re gonna get on and make things for them that pleases us, primarily.

Let’s use those energies to make fantastic things, and explore our creativity even further. Let’s also use them to put forward and agenda for women that progresses more entrenched, and frankly urgent issues about our gender.








Do you manage your sewing or does it manage you?

Ever have that feeling?

You want to make a gift for a family member or friend. You have promised yourself you’ll make them something soon, as they’re so complimentary about your work.

You have also just seen a brilliant new knitting pattern in your new Rowan magazine that would look fabulous with a skirt you made recently.

That fabric you ordered online last week has just arrived, this morning,  too and it’s absolutely gorgeous. You have just the pattern for it.

And you still have 4 work-in-progress projects to finish!






Where do I store my ideas and plans?

A simple question?

So, I sew and knit already and feel I’m pretty good at both, but you’ll have to take my word for that, ha!   I also have literally hundreds of things that I’d like to make by these methods, eventually, where I can use my current skills and experience to create some wonderful items. Things that build,in small ways, on what I already know but won’t stretch me too far since I have a bank of knowledge to draw on. These things will also be very practical for my life since I can wear them (if they turn our right.)

But that on it’s own doesn’t always float my boat.

I definitely want to learn to print, weave, paint and do lots of other stuff in the future, things which will continue to stretch me and which will enhance my creativity in new directions. The thing is, all of the ideas and inspiration for this is being lost because I find it so difficult to log and store the useful and interesting things,  I find in the blogosphere which inspire me, easily.

I need some order and because I’m lazy I want just one place for it.  Is there a Ravelry out there for all crafts?