Where do I store my ideas and plans?

A simple question?

So, I sew and knit already and feel I’m pretty good at both, but you’ll have to take my word for that, ha!   I also have literally hundreds of things that I’d like to make by these methods, eventually, where I can use my current skills and experience to create some wonderful items. Things that build,in small ways, on what I already know but won’t stretch me too far since I have a bank of knowledge to draw on. These things will also be very practical for my life since I can wear them (if they turn our right.)

But that on it’s own doesn’t always float my boat.

I definitely want to learn to print, weave, paint and do lots of other stuff in the future, things which will continue to stretch me and which will enhance my creativity in new directions. The thing is, all of the ideas and inspiration for this is being lost because I find it so difficult to log and store the useful and interesting things,  I find in the blogosphere which inspire me, easily.

I need some order and because I’m lazy I want just one place for it.  Is there a Ravelry out there for all crafts?


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