Body image…..I’m bored

I’m old enough to call myself a feminist and to be proud of that label too. No post feminism angst on that from me. I recognise we still have lots of work to do and I’m willing to challenge misogyny whenever I come across it. I have daughters and I hope that their future will be as free from prejudice and injustice as possible.

I just wish we’d move forward from the endless discussion of body image issues. It’s been explored, ad nauseum, really, and I don’t feel there’s anything new to add to the discussion. It sometimes feels like we’re pandering to a male agenda even discussing it any more.  And don’t get me started on the Gok Wan, how to Look Good Naked subject.  Anyway, it strikes me that it’s become an Industry, not a real subject, taken over by the opportunistic and well, men, like the surgeons and the medical establishment as well as the media.

So let’s please, please, in relation to sewing and crafting,  just agree that our shapes are, well our shapes, and we’re gonna get on and make things for them that pleases us, primarily.

Let’s use those energies to make fantastic things, and explore our creativity even further. Let’s also use them to put forward and agenda for women that progresses more entrenched, and frankly urgent issues about our gender.








2 thoughts on “Body image…..I’m bored

  1. I do agree with you here. My view is we are what we are – we then have the option of making ourselves look good – to make ourselves feel good, so others enjoy looking at us, and because it economical (time and money are not wasted on “mistakes”). Or we can decide it doesn’t matter how we look. But I think that view has some negative consequences (eg not being listened too, not getting jobs, negative assumptions being made etc).

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