What (not) to do with heavily variegated yarn

Yes, that’s easily answered, just don’t buy it I hear you say, sarcastically.

Well, I did! It was an Evilbay “bargain,” worsted weight single ply and I bought 5, what turns out to be measly skeins, just enough to knit 90% of an adult sized sweater.

Pretty stupid, yes?

So, one year on ,and cupboards full of yarn later, my destashing challenge was to find a pattern to use up this bargain basement Ugly Sister. It needed to disguise the heavy variegation too, and be enough to make something useful and even attractive, to use up all 1100 yards, with absolutely no leftovers.  This pattern has to be the equivalent of Jamie Oliver having to making a meal for 4 with only half a tomato, a banana, a quarter of a pound of fresh liver and a bottle of salad cream.

Sensibly, my first port of call was the fabric. I spent some time on t’internet researching how best to <strike>disguise</strike>  showcase heavily variegated yarn and found out that slipped stitch patterns are good. But Ravelry doesn’t have any decent, sweater slip stitch patterns. Well, at least none that I liked. With measly quantities of yarn.

So, eventually I found Ahni.  I was relieved. It has a very attractive stitch pattern and I liked the shaping. Most importantly, it could be made with the 5 skeins I have, just. Not for me though, but that’s another story.

Ahni pattern Ravelry

Now, I knit tightly, did I tell you? And after swatching with their recommended needle I found the fabric was stiff enough to have it’s own  job in the Army as a Drill Sergeant Major.  Increasing my needle size meant that that same fabric was still board like and unyielding. Like Margaret Thatcher, on a good day. Not the look I was after. So, it was frogged.

I’m now onto auditioning Beauborg after a massive bout of inspiration. Apparently I can search on Ravelry for patterns designed to be used by my yarn. Amazing!    The knitting of Ahni demonstrated to me how attractive the reverse side was and Beaubourg is also designed to show the PURL side of stocking stitch, or stockinette as it is called over the Pond. Genius! Julie Hoover has even more  gorgeous patterns, futhermore, so lots of patterns now in my queue too.  I just love edgy styling details in my knitwear.

Beaubourg Pattern Ravelry

I’m just about to swatch. Yeah, rocknroll!

How do you find the perfect pattern?


3 thoughts on “What (not) to do with heavily variegated yarn

    • Thankyou, you’re very kind. I’m still sewing and knitting away and am starting to think about Christmas gifts now too. There’s a violet velvet jacket on the list, and lots of scarves, gloves and hats I want to make. I’m not very good at posting my finished items, I use my blog more for “to do” lists.” And the heavily variegated yarn is partly knitted up and almost off my shelves. I’ll have to have a party to celebrate!

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