The 3 hour summer dress recipe

image image


one sewer with experience of sewing straight/curved seams, narrow facing, overlocking/serging and general dress fitting

one simple, sleeveless, semi-loose fitting dress pattern (I used vogue 9117)


Vogue 9117 

2 – 3 metres of stash fabric (I used 3 metres of Liberty Tana lawn)

overlocker (serger)

sewing machine


roll hem foot

a free afternoon/evening


Check flat pattern measurements. Go down 2 sizes from recommended, as usual.

Follow pattern instructions until  binding armhole section

Realise dress straps are way too narrow and reveal too much bra. as designed!

Sew armhole facings on but don’t turn under, therefore giving more coverage. They may be a bit loose, but no one will notice.

get the roll hem foot out. Sigh. Wrangle with long hem until it submits. Vow to use foot more often



5 thoughts on “The 3 hour summer dress recipe

  1. And smile! That looks great! I never bother with all this rolled hem nonsense. If it looks likely to fight me and the machine, I just sew by hand while watching telly/listening to an audiobook. Path of least resistance, me…

  2. Thanks. Although I do wrangle I actually secretly like my roll hem foot. I refuse to be defeated by it. Still working on the photo posing too. My eldest calls it “chronic bitch face” I’m inclined to agree.

  3. It is great to be able to get a dress made, and on, very quickly, especially before it starts raining. Well done.

    As for rolled hem feet – I have never used one since I was initially trained, and I would like to have a go and try to get it, but for now I am with Demented Fairy. I just like a bit of hand hem stitching.

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