Sewing With (out) a Plan

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you all had a satisfactory holiday experience. My Christmas fully met my expectations, again, this year.  The build up was dreadful, the actual day was averagely good and the aftermath was most enjoyable.

Having a week and a half off work, however, and a trip away to see the in-laws has certainly helped me to refocus, and, although I don’t believe in resolutions, there’s a few things I’d like to work on in in 2016 . These are definitely”process” related, not ends in themselves, as these work better for me than the “lose half a stone” kind.

So, I’ll continue to challenge myself to sew more efficiently. That is think through whether I really need to visit the ironing board every time I sew a seam, and to continue to not use pins, except when absolutely necessary. Also to cut out more items in advance, in bulk, amongst others.

Also,  continue to explore how machine knitting can help me realise the items I need, which can’t be hand knitted easily. I really do need to find a new place for the machine as it’s tucked away, and easily forgotten. Once I do that I think I’ll be good.

Connect more with fellow sewers and knitters. I used to run a Sewing Club and attend local knit nights, but haven’t done much in 2015. I’d like to change that.

More immediately, I wanted to start sewing for the SWAP challenge this year and have already found lots of co-ordinating patterns and fabrics to sew. Already, I’m struggling, though. Being so committed for 4 months, which is the length of the challenge really weighs heavily on me and I’m finding it difficult to get motivated. Trying to convince myself that I can take a few items at a time doesn’t seem to be working that well, but I’m still in and will see if I can get it going.

On that front, one of the items, a Wildcard, was made just a few days ago. I’ve wanted to make this pattern for ages and had the right fabric, a beautiful poly crepe purchased from Fabworks. I usually avoid polyester but this print was irresistible. Also, I really need long sleeved items in my wardrobe right now so just managed, with a bit of piecing, to get them out of a my meagre 2 metres

It’s another Burda, from December 2012,  but tracing it was a real feat as the pattern pieces were absolutely massive! I love the asymmetry though, and thankfully Burda did a full feature how to put it together, as it wasn’t intuitive.

My new A0 size cutting mat came in really useful too. Rotary cutting using big mats is the efficient way to go. Thank you Santa!



















The fabric has stretch and had just the right amount of drape. It went together beautifully and I’ve worn it to a New Years Eve Party already. It was very comfortable after all those Christmas mince pies.




















I’ve already cut out a jacket and am ready to do the same for a skirt, as part of my first 3 pack. Note to self. DON’T GET DISTRACTED!


8 thoughts on “Sewing With (out) a Plan

    • Thank you. Can I just say, although I don’t comment much, that I love your blog. You make me laugh so much. I love your writing. You should write a book, or get hired for comedy scripts. Although I don’t always get your cultural references, it still works. Bruderlein is one that passed me by, but somehow I get it.

  1. I love this dress. It has worked perfectly, hasn’t it, in terms of fabric, colour and pattern? I think you will find the SWAP an interesting process and building up a small wardrobe of clothes is such a pleasure rather than just random items. Your first success should encourage you to finish the first 3 pack, and then you just keep going. I am really excited about this.

  2. the dress is lovely! I’ve had my eye on that pattern for a while – how tall are you? did you find you had to make adjustments given that this is a “tall” pattern? I’m a 38 standard in Burdastyle.

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