Unfinished Work

Vogue 1465 is all finished! Or unfinished, might be a better way of putting it.


Whilst you’re here, did you know Vogue patterns in the USA have a sale on  at the moment? That’s unless you’re reading on catchup.  I know shipping to the UK is expensive but if you order 3 patterns then it’s usually worth it. Just. Especially if you want one of the newer ones. Like this one, which might just have fallen into my shopping cart.


Anyway, I digress.

So, I used a double faced wool knit fabric, purchased a while back from myfabrics, I think. It’s pretty bulky, but a good match for this project, which requires 2 good sides for your fabric.

The design is a cross between a jacket and a cardigan really, which suits my lifestyle and this one is planned to wear at work, with the skirt I made last week.

It was very easy to put together but I changed a few things. I didn’t bind my seams on the inside, as knits don’t ravel and binding on very thick fabric is sheer madness. I did dry it. That was a waste of half an hour. Also, to finish the lapels and hems,  they have you fold back the edges back on themselves and then put in many parallel lines of topstitching. I tried it again, but didn’t like that either.


So, I settled for second best. No finishing at all! I’ve seen this look on many top end designs, where they make a feature of the seams, leaving them unfinished and exposing them on the outside. I have to say this really took me out of my comfort zone, and I still can’t decide whether I’m happy with it or not. I think it’s because  I’m mostly used to trying to make my items look less homemade, and this does almost look like what I produced when I was first learning to sew. All I can see, when I look at it, are seams that need finishing. As my IT friends would say, it’s probably a sewers version of a PICNIC.

All the seams are lapped, then sewn together with a single line of topstitching, then trimmed to size. This was a bit time consuming, as you can’t use your sewing machine foot to guide you.  So each seam has to be marked and hand tacked (basted.) I saved time in other ways, so still pretty quick though.


Ah, well, only time will tell.  It’s a versatile piece, hopefully, and very comfortable, so I’m anticipating it will probably get worn lots.


Next, a coat. This one, from the Maker’s Atelier, a designer whose patterns have caught my eye for a while, but whose rather high priced charms I’ve managed to stave off until now.

The Atelier Coat 936

Love her hair!


One thought on “Unfinished Work

  1. I would be very pleased with this. It looks super with the skirt. It will be nice to wear and go with lots of things. It is a dress up/down item I think. I like the coat you have chosen but her patterns are pricey so I will be interested to see how you find it to make up. I always say to myself, when tempted – You can get a genuine vintage designer coat pattern for less than £15 and it will usually have a skirt and blouse included – so I am hesitant to buy this sort of product. So do give feedback. Thanks Karen..

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