The Atelier Coat

I’m sewing up a storm this year. No pun intended.  I’m already on item number 4, as I try to make 10 garments in 4 months which co-ordinate into 3 separate outfits. January is a great month for us sewists as there’s nothing nicer than switching on your iron, firing up your sewing machine and wrangling lots of lovely, warm fabric into complete submission. Or coat sewing, as it’s known.

Now,  most of the coats I own are either fitted and smart or fitted and casual and as I sometimes like to wear baggier shapes, and in the Winter warm, thick layers, I’ve been eyeing up the current trend for oversized coats.  I’ve had my eye on patterns from The Makers Atelier for a while. I love their clean, simple aesthetic and their choice of fabrics, but haven’t seem many items made up and when I saw their prices I realised why. However, this once I decided I’d just splurge. I already had the fabric, an eBay purchase from a year or so, which was starting to fester in my stash, so, really, it wasn’t going to cost me that much more to get, a warm, smart, comfortable cover up.

The Atelier Coat 936

The Atelier Coat

Firstly, this coat is VOLUMINOUS. I chose a size 12, and could have easily gone down a size. Probably no worse than the Big 4, but the design drowned me in fabric, and I almost didn’t finish it as a result.

It’s also described as an edge to edge design and the eagle eyed may have noticed it is modelled overlapped at the front. Since I also wanted to wear it that way I altered the pattern by adding a couple of inches at centre front, so I could add some snaps. I’m not sure who would wear a coat without fastenings, but that person is definitely not me. I ended up taking that extra back off as, VOLUMINOUS.

During cutting out I noticed I had used up rather more fabric than indicated and after checking it was obvious that the fabric requirements were incorrect, by over half a metre. Thank goodness I had extra lining and outer fabric or I would have been very upset.

Before I had chance to contact them to let them know this, a new updated pattern arrived in the post, explaining that that the fabric layouts were incorrect and had been updated accordingly. That was good of them to send me a new one.

It was very simple to make up and the instructions reasonably comprehensive, but no better than others I have seen and definitely not indicative of the price tag.



I added welt pockets as that massive expanse of fabric needed breaking up, although the pattern has in-seam pockets already.


I pattern matched the fabric across all seams


I think I could get someone else in there with me too!


So, I think this would be an ok project for a beginner although you would definitely need to use a fabric with a decent amount of body. Mine was rather wimpy, so it got fully fused.

I also made the trousers I’m modelling in preparation for my next project, a wool and mohair suit. The fit on them is almost there, just a few tweaks and they’ll be perfect. They’re this pattern, if you’re interested.

I just got the fabric from Ebay and it’s absolutely gorgeous. A wool and mohair blend suiting in a brown/blue mix.


So, continuing my natural-toned theme, I’ll be making the trousers  to go with this jacket.


February is looking to be another busy sewing month. Also, I’m meeting up with fellow sewers/bloggers this Saturday, organised by the wonderful Thimberlina. I’m really looking forward to it.








10 thoughts on “The Atelier Coat

  1. Lucky you’d bought extra fabric! The welt pockets not only break it up but make it look even more RTW. Looks very stylish. With the weather we’re having now I bet you’ll be glad it’s roomy and can fit extra layers underneath.
    See you Saturday! ✂️😀✂️

  2. Great job on the coat and the proposed suit looks very stylish. I am trying to finish a coat to wear on Saturday too. Nothing like some last minute sewing to put the pressure on!

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