Spoolettes and Suits

Friday last was the day the Yorkshire Spoolettes met up, organised by the wonderful Thimberlina. I have never been to a meet-up before so was naturally a little nervous of spending a day with people I had either never met before or only conversed with over the internet.


Ali and Hila. And yes, Wetherspoons do throw in a free pint with every meal! 

I’m pleased to say my fears were totally unfounded. Everyone was friendly, chatty and the only downside was that I didn’t get the time to chat with everyone, as a total of 19 of us had turned up on the day.

I only took a couple of photos, sorry, but it did mean I could properly relax and enjoy the day.  Some people had come over 100 miles to be there, others were from closer by, with one lady living literally just around the corner from me. We talked about our favourite patterns, the lack of decent fabric shops, blogging and how cheap the shopping in Dewsbury was. We also swapped some fabrics and patterns.  More details are on Ali’s blog here.

Ali was a fantastic host and had everything well and truly organised. Also, I hope she didn’t mind me poking my nose into her choice of fabric colour either!

So, since I’m already fairly local the only real purchase I made was to buy a couple of metres from the appropriately named, for me, Lucky Fashions, who threw in an extra half metre of fabric for free when I ordered the last of the bolt.   They’ve got a good selection of knits as well as wools, chiffons and cottons and the owner couldn’t have done more to welcome all of us. (By couldn’t have done more, I mean throw in free fabric, provide chocolate biscuits, cakes and drinks as well as give us a guided tour of her fabrics)


Orange birds on a deep purple. Not quite as vibrant in real life, it’s a lightweight viscose knit and I’m planning on making it into a drapey Style Arc Issy when I get the chance.

One of the reasons I didn’t buy more is that I had already splurged earlier in the week and the fabric finally arrived today.

First off, some pure silk satin to line my Burda jacket, currently being cut out.


I’m really pleased that the lining fabric will add a little extra zing to the plain wool/mohair suiting (which looks quite blue in the photos, but is actually more dark brown in real life)


I also bought another silk lining to go with a Linton Tweed I bought last year for a “Chanel” style jacket, Vogue 8804.


Green and purple. One of my most favourite colour combinations.

Both fabrics were from Joel and Son.  I’m usually quite good at finding fabric bargains but I wouldn’t say these were in this category (understatement!) even though I found them in the “remnant” section.  At least I didn’t pay the £61.90 per metre they wanted originally!

I looked at whether to us hand tailoring, machine tailoring or quick (fusible) tailoring techniques and have decided to use machine tailoring techniques on my jacket, as per the instructions from this book. I’ve used them before on an unblogged Sherlock coat I made for my youngest daughter last year and they came out really well.  The book contains step-by-step photos of each stage of construction, and in lieu of taking a class is a good way of learning the different techniques and how to apply them.

I just love making jackets!





16 thoughts on “Spoolettes and Suits

  1. Oh, what gorgeous fabric!!!
    Over here in America we reeeally have fabric store envy, as there just aren’t real quality goods such as yours in local or most regional shops. New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco ( Chicago, but very limited there) are about it. And the prices! Oye!!! So glad you went and had such a grand time, and are blogging about it ~ will enjoy seeing your creations!

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  3. Ruth, lovely to meet you too. Hope you had a nice rest of your day with your friend. I’m just getting used to who’s blog is who and really enjoying following some new blogs in my reader. You are really adventurous in your sewing, like me. Look forward to seeing what yiu make next.

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