Winter Sports Wear

In a few weeks time it’ll be the 10th anniversary of getting together with my lovely, long-suffering, husband. We first met on a ski-ing holiday in glamorous Courmayeur, back in 2006, when we were both holidaying as part of a large group of skiers. On the first day we were all asked to segregate ourselves into smaller units for the week and somehow we both ended up ski-ing in the “fast” group.  Him, because he is an excellent skier who likes to push himself and me because I really don’t know my limits.  He quite literally picked me up the whole holiday. Either I’d fallen down on the mountain, or I’d taken the free limoncello being offered at the restaurant way too seriously. Either way, there was no avoiding bumping into him the whole week. I did try. It snowballed from there.

I’ve continued to hit ski the slopes each year with him, accompanied by my 2 daughters mostly, but this year the girls have other plans so there’s just the 2 of us this time. Bliss.

Fitting in with School holidays has usually forced us to go around Easter time each year, so now we have the choice we’ve decided to go earlier in the Season, when the snow is still good at 3pm, and the limoncellos prices are more reasonable. It is, however, a good few degrees colder and as I suffer from bad circulation I thought I’d better think about preparing for the cooler conditions.

And that, dear readers, is the excuse as to why I NEED massive, Bridget Jones style, merino wool knickers!


But not just one pair!


The pattern is the Ohhh Lulu Ava, available from Etsy hereil_570xN.793453451_dyga

After the first pair, the others only too half an hour from cutting to finishing so were a lovely satisfying project.

The fabric is a merino knit I got from Ebay last year after Fehr trade’s Melissa pointed me in the right direction. Merino knits are always difficult to source so I got plenty and then couldn’t bear to cut into it for ages

You really cannot beat wool for warmth. Nothing else comes near. None of the fancy man made technical fibres are really up to the job quite like merino. It doesn’t smell, it stays dry, is super warm and I therefore will be wearing it top to toe when I hit the slopes.

So, I made myself this too. It’s the Fraser sweatshirt pattern from Sewaholic and I’ve had my eye on their whole activewear range since it was launched recently.DSC02348

I’ve sewn Sewaholic’s Hollyburn skirt, Granville shirt and Minoru jackets and find their drafting and instructions always excellent however this time I did struggle.  I really wanted to sew this up purely on my overlocker/serger but because it was drafted with 5/8″seam allowances it wasn’t really possible. I can see why they did that, for those of you without an overlocker, however it did mean it took a lot longer than I would have liked. A small criticism, but now that I’m used to Style Arc and Burdastyle patterns I really hate those large seam allowances.

My alterations were to shorten the arms by a WHOLE 5 inches. I also lengthened it by 2 inches, which is not an alteration I usually make, but it does look short on everyone I’ve seen wear it. I  did my usual forward shoulder adjustment and graded it down a size at the hip, not up, like I normally do as they are drafted for pear shapes.

I like the design lines and they also have a great tutorial on their website to show you how you can get lovely sharp corners.


I also should have made a small swayback adjustment when I lengthened it. Next time I might redraft the back to follow the design lines from the arms and front.


If you’re up for more Merino loveliness, I made another from some gorgeous sweatshirt fabric brought back by a friend who happened to be on holiday in New Zealand exactly when I read this post. This lovely lady is a fantastic source for all things outdoor, amongst others and pointed me in the right direction to get even MORE merino.

This one wasn’t lengthened, sadly, and I used a rib knit I already had to finish off the cuffs and collar and to provide some contrast. I kept the rest of it simple.


I will definitely have to tweak the fit on the back for the next one.


See you, hopefully in one piece, when I get back!


11 thoughts on “Winter Sports Wear

    • Thanks so much, and yes I’m sure I’ll be wearing my woolly pants a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever had a matching top and knickers. Maybe I can start a trend! Just have to make sure I don’t put them on the wrong wash cycle. Will check out Kitschy Coo too x

  1. I love the yellow top – especially the two yellows and how the shapes work together and the sporty styling. And your romantic story. And of course the knickers. I would love some of those.

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