Ski Sunday, no sewing

Phew what a week! St Anton was fantastic but definitely not for the timid or beginner skier, despite it’s picture postcard looks. No sewing was carried out, obviously,  although I did some knitting on my Trillian scarf, to go with my new coat, but do feel free to move on if you have an aversion to Winter sports.DSC02381

We got a lot of snow. Yes, I know, one must have snow in order to ski, however most of the afternoons whilst we were there the skies would darken and the air would be thick with the soft fluffy stuff. Now, falling snow has it’s uses but not, though, when you’re actually trying to ski. Not,  when you can’t see more than a couple of metres in front of you. And definitely not when you’re right at the edges of those mountains. Thank goodness someone thought of the totally brilliant idea of putting well-stocked bars on those self-same mountains 🙂

What that did mean was that conditions were absolutely fantastic the next morning. Deep fresh powdery stuff covering every slope, making quite an average skier like me feel like they were Tina Maze doing the downhill.


We all had or own strategies for getting down the most challenging slopes, as even the easiest rated ones were often full of moguls. For the un-initiated moguls are a series of bumps on the slopes created by skiers as they make their turns and can sometimes be up to 3 foot tall. One of the techniques to deal with them is to go over the top of them, pushing your ski pole in hard at the apex of the bump which allows you to pivot more easily down the other side.

Now, one of the couples we met consisted of a former ski instructor and his wife, a lovely Scottish lady  who was really upset with her husband for taking her down the more troublesome slopes. After listening to this all day he told her she really should try this technique and, to help her, imagine that it was him she was stabbing every time she went over the bump. Apparently this seemed to do the trick,  so he encouraged us all to “stab Alan” as we went over the moguls.


It was colder than we expected so my warm underthings really came in handy, though you’ll have to believe me as they were all hidden under my outer layers.

I have about 3 metres of merino fabric, still, and for next year will be looking to make up more of my  own ski clothing. I’m looking specifically at the Pacific leggings by Sewaholic.


I will also need a 2nd layer top which keeps the wind and snow from my neck. This one needs a little tweaking to give extra coverage, but looks good, from Fehr trade.

It was also snowing when we got back home but at least there were no moguls to greet us, just the cat who seemed to have missed us somewhat.






6 thoughts on “Ski Sunday, no sewing

  1. Sounds like a fab week! I’ve only been once and loved it, but hubby’s back never really been up to us going. The stabbing Alan technique was funny! That will last for all your future hold I’m sure! 😃

  2. Sounds like you had a great time, and have got plans for sewing more cold weather gear, so you’ll have to go again! Looking forward to seeing your completed knitting. I’ve lost my way a bit with knitting as I start something and decided i don’t like it. I’m trying the miette cardigan now.

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