That Season before Spring

I’m still slap-bang in the middle of Winter sewing, although the weather is definitely much more Spring-like lately and my inclinations are already starting to veer towards cotton and linen, and away from all things woolly.


Talking of wooly, my new coat really needed a scarf, so before I went on holiday I picked out some yarn from my rather extensive stash to take with me. The colour went perfectly with one of the threads in the coat and was a luxury blend Alpaca and silk, from TheKnittingGoddess, so beautifully soft.

Having only 260 metres was slightly tricky, so I picked out a pattern I’ve knitted before, Trillian, by Martina Behm, which is mostly garter stitch and super squishy. It’s very versatile too,  as you can knit to any size.  You just follow the very simple pattern until you’ve got 7% of your yarn left, then start the final edging and cast off. I knew I’d get quite a small scarf but I find this long triangle shape really easy to wear and it’s long enough to wrap around twice.

I’ve not blocked it yet, but probably will do so that the lovely edging stands out a bit more. We’ve had a few cold days here so I really needed to wear it pronto.


My other wooly project is tantalisingly close to being finished, and I couldn’t wait to share some details with you too.


Welt pockets, with flaps.


The front is fully supported with hair canvas, a chest shield, fusible interfacing for the facings and the roll line is taped. The collar is fully interfaced too.


The sleeve head is supported with flannel strips and shoulder pads have been inserted.


It’s fully lined with silk satin and feels absolutely lovely. Silk isn’t the most hard-wearing of fabrics but I’m planning on wearing the jacket for special occasions only.

Finished photos of it on me, will follow soon, although I need to make the matching trousers so might save the round-up until then!



10 thoughts on “That Season before Spring

  1. Karen, I love your scarf! Enough to take a look at the pattern just to see how much of it I might understand… for this not much of a knitter, that’s sayin’ something. Gorgeous colour & match with your coat, too.
    But the crowning glory is your suit jacket – phew! What a lot a tailoring, and beautifully done & very impressive! Can’t wait to see the trousers with it. 😀

  2. What a gorgeous scarf. It is a clever design and a great colour. How do you know when you have 7% left – is that done by length? And your jacket is amazing. What a feat of construction. Really looking forward to the finished version.

  3. Love the scarf and I wondered too about the 7%. Good idea with the kitchen scales. I was on holiday last year in falmouth and was wearing a shawl i’d crocheted. I used wool from my mum and didn’t know how much there was altogether, so when i saw some the same in shop i didn’t know how much to buy. So I popped into the green grocers down the road – she thought I was a bit mad when I asked her to weigh my shawl!! 🙂

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