All dressed up…..

and nowhere to go. Well, not quite yet, anyway, but I’m definitely working on that bit.

So, the suit is made! Hope you’re all not bored by it yet, it’s taken a while, and I’m at the stage just now where I’m just a little bit exhausted by it all and glad it’s all over and wondering when I’m actually going to wear it and why, exactly, I wanted to make a pure wool suit for myself when I don’t get the opportunity much to dress up these days.


But really, I’m pretty happy with it and I’m sure it will fill a hole in my wardrobe too. It’s got all the elements I love in a suit, and I love wearing and making suits, and well, that’s enough reason isn’t it?

For once my photography-studying daughter was around too, so I took the opportunity try out a few poses. She told me it was too sunny and she was right so we tried later in the day but it was quite gloomy by then, so you really can’t see the beautiful subtle colour of the fabric, which is a two-toned blue/grey-orange weave. You’ll have to take my word that it’s much prettier in real life.


I love me a wide lapel and this jacket definitely has that in it’s favour.


This is the second time I’ve made these trousers from Vogue 1366, which is OOP now. I originally bought it for the shirt pattern but the trousers are well drafted and they have you finish them beautifully.  I also added a half lining for comfort. The vertical seaming I think is really leg lengthening and a flattering look for me.



The lining adds a pop of colour to a somewhat plain look.


One of the nice finishing touches on the trousers is applying a binding to finish the inside waistband edge. I don’t know about you, but applying a home-made bias binding to edges seems to involve a lot more ironing and messing about than it should do. Most tutorials have you cut the binding, then iron it in half, then each side ironed in half again. Then when you apply it, you iron it all over again!  So, when I came across this tutorial I had to use it. This method is much simpler and gives a lovely quality result too.

I’m pretty pleased with the trousers but getting the fit right meant making a lot of small adjustments, which I don’t mind doing too much since I have quite a bit of trouble buying RTW for myself.   So, for these (and so I remember next time!) I adjusted for slightly knock-knees, a flat seat,  sway-back and a narrow torso (front to back) The last adjustment was the most awkward, with my well-thumbed Palmer Pletsch pants fitting guide amusingly calling the excess fabric a “crotch bubble.” So now I know!!


I’m ready for something simple next. Really simple. Like this apron.




9 thoughts on “All dressed up…..

  1. Fabulous suit! Love the seaming on the trousers and the lining. The lottie simple sew blouse with a bow is quick to sew, I’ve made 4 now! The sew over it pussy bow blouse is popular too.

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