Me Made May Review

Hi there!

A bit late, I know, but I thought it would be nice to have a look at how my first me-made-May went. I’ve watched interestedly each year as others have participated but have never felt I had enough self made clothing to join in, until now. It’s supposed to be a challenge too so I decided I’d try and wear 2 items I’d sewn or knitted myself each day. From a selfish viewpoint I was interested to see where there might be gaps in my wardrobe, but really who am I kidding, gaps are absolutely the very last thing in my over-stuffed closet!

Also, I decided to start posting on Instagram to log what I was wearing and was surprised to find I really enjoyed looking at what everyone else was up to, which was probably one of the most unexpected sides to the challenge.

So how did I get on?

Week one.


I was getting used to photographing myself each day and worked out that the most reliable way of doing it was the good old selfie, so apologies for some poor quality images. It wasn’t hard to dress in my home made items and I even managed to dig out an old Colette Laurel dress which I’d always loved, but hardly ever wore. All of the other items are in regular rotation.

So, clockwise from top left we have Burdastyle 05/2015 shirt unblogged, Style Arc Ethel top with Burdastyle 03/2014 jean unblogged, Colette Laurel unblogged, Burdastyle Vintage Rosa jacket unblogged,  Vogue 8333 jacket with Sewaholic Fraser sweatshirt,  Sewaholic Granville shirt with Hollyburn skirt, and lastly a close up of the Sewaholic Granville shirt, worn again with the Hollyburn skirt, phew.

Week 2

I had started to repeat myself so didn’t take photos each day. Most of the items are unblogged.

So from top left, those Burdastyle jeans again with a hacked Vogue 8939 t-shirt, rtw shorts and tee, Burdastyle  04/2016 culottes and top, Burdastyle 05/2016 dress, Vogue 1546 DVF dress and self-drafted silk tee with rtw fuchsia cardigan.

Week 3


Lots of repeats, so the only new items were, clockwise Burdastyle ?top, Burdastyle 05/2105 athletic jacket and the same top as the first picture but in a textured white ponte.

Week 4

The last week I added a green Kara lace cardigan I’d knitted and a pair of altered rtw jeans.

Still with me? That’s good. I love my Burdastyle don’t I? That’s encouraging since I have a monthly subscription. I do use all the pattern companies but find other than Burdastyle I really like Style Arc’s drafting and Vogue also for their designer range.

Work clothes tend to be smart-casual and weekends are mostly relaxed in jeans and tees. I’ve tried to address my lack of jeans, but probably could do with a few more relaxed tops to go with them.

I didn’t get to wear me-made every day as I still have quite a few rtw items in my wardrobe. I won’t be changing that in the short term, especially things like shorts and tees. I’ll just replace them as they wear out, but probably will still continue buy some basics.

I definitely wear lots of separates and love my trousers too.  Comfort is really important to me. My colour choices seem mostly good, browns, greens, teals, creams basically anything warm toned and mid coloured are best for me.

In terms of style, I don’t seem to have a singular aesthetic, but obviously colour is at the top of my list.   In my head I am mostly  attracted to simple, clean asymmetric styles but my magpie tendencies mean I do often get sidetracked, especially by pretty or unusual fabric.

Hope you enjoyed having a look through my wardrobe. I really enjoyed participating. Maybe see you next year?