B Cup misadventures and other musings

Why, oh why do I always forget I’m not a B cup, especially  when the dress I’m making is a low cut wrap front style and will inevitably gape like a hungry dog waiting to be fed a juicy bone.

I present exhibit A, in evidence,  m’lord!



Most of the time I get away with not doing an FBA, but in this instance I should have known better. So, this dress is just about wearable, but only comfortably when I don’t move my arms, or, erm, bend over.

I still like it though, so will be wearing it with a camisole, which does spoil the lovely neckline somewhat. Better, would be to  just sew that cross over bit shut when I get a minute.

The details :

Pattern : Lisette B6168 available from Butterick. In dress and also in tunic version.

I cut a size 12 and graded to a 14 at the waist and hips. I did a 1.2cm forward shoulder adjustment and a 2cm swayback adjustment.

The bodice is a tighter fit than I normally get when I sew this size. The sleeves are also quite tight too. I don’t like things too tight, so maybe I’m just being picky.

The fabric is a beautiful quality soft linen from Merchant and Mills. I bought it a couple of years ago when I visited their shop in Rye, whilst on holiday. It’s not really my colour and that’s why I haven’t sewn it up but I needed more conservative clothing for work and it matched the pattern perfectly.

When my arms are by my sides it looks great, despite the wind playing havoc the day I took the photos. I really like the neckline and waist detail. Also, linen, creases, ahem.


The back fit is pretty spot on too and my stripe matching is acceptable. The fabric is a mix of checks, plain and stripes  so was somewhat tricky to work with.


You can see here the tighter fit at sleeve and bustIMG_2040

The  garden is still doing it’s thing at the moment, despite a definite lack of sunshine. Which sort of leads me in to another subject I feel I couldn’t let slide past unnoticed

That is the momentous events happening in the UK right now, which have led to our voting to leave the European Union. These past few weeks have been unprecedented in scope and scale,  and I’ve personally felt pretty upset by all that’s happened. I studied European politics and the EU whilst at University and have worked for large European companies for most of my life, until recently.  That gave me a positive perspective on the benefits of being in the EU, which left me totally unprepared for the result when it came. I don’t think I was the only one.

One major flaw was the structure of the Brexit campaign team. They worked just like a pop-up shop; here one minute, gone the next.  This meant they  could conduct their campaign  knowing full well that they would bear absolutely no responsibility for delivering on their promises, should they win. .  None of them had any mandate, or power to implement the kind of political change they advocated.This led them, I believe, to make the most scandalous of promises about where money would be spent should we vote to go.

Both sides have let themselves down in their campaigning, further discrediting our political system, and politicians.

I find it particularly paradoxical that those who wanted us to de-couple from the rest of Europe are now asking for unity.

I really hope we can find the right way to emerge from this. I do want to do something but I’m not sure what, yet. Our politics are in a mess and we have no real leadership at the moment. It is a time of unprecedented change, and real uncertainty. I am trying to remain positive.



11 thoughts on “B Cup misadventures and other musings

  1. I have made this dress aswell and had the same issue with gaping even though I’m barely a b-cup! A few hand stitches keep it in place, I also found the sleeves to be too tight. Your stripe version is lovely 🙂

  2. I really like this dress, the fabric, you wearing it. It is a shame it doesn’t fit as well as you would like. You will have to make another one! And a great post too – very interesting and entertaining. Thank you.

  3. Don’t feel alone in your political quandaries, here I. Us we are in term oil as well. Just keep praying, all we can do!

  4. Hi we met today at sew up north. Just winding down from it with a glass of wine and a read of your blog. Yes I get the miserablist name now as you mix things up with sewing and ‘a moan’. Got to agree with you though I wasn’t prepared for the Brexit result and was totally shocked by it.

    I had a fab day!


    • Hi Angela,

      Thanks so much for looking me up. I got to chat to a few lovely people yesterday, it was so great to find so many like-minded people all together in one place. Are you the lady I was sat next to at the very end of the table, with a son the same age as my daughter?

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