How long can 6 months be?


Around my work I’m usually pretty focused, setting myself deadlines, working towards long-term goals, making plans and being organised and scheduled. I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet, it’s just the lot of a small business owner, so in my sewing I usually try to avoid too many more commitments, and I certainly don’t want to put any timelines on them. It does make life more spontaneous and enjoyable,  and I really like the freedom.

I don’t therefore join in many sewalongs, or participate in competitions or Secret Santa exchanges because as soon as someone puts a deadline on me, it will often kill any pleasure in it. I hold my hands up. There must be something in it for me before I will join in, you’ve definitely got me there, selfish sewer in the room! Very occasionally there’s a brand new technique or item I covet or someone very special in my life who will appreciate the input that goes into making something. Only then I will make the effort. But occasionally frustrating consequences occur too.

Therefore, I’m hoping 2017 will be a little different, because this year I do actually want to set myself a longer-term goal in my sewing, one which will take me a whole 6 months to achieve. It does feel like a bit of a big deal and I’ll admit that I’m slightly scared about it too, which is a good thing, hopefully, in that it will challenge and stretch me.

I’ve really built this up haven’t I? You’re probably thinking that she’s going to say she’s only going to wear me-made clothes or make a whole wardrobe out of only chicken feathers. Nope and nope, although both of those are less challenging to me than what I’m hoping to do.

I’m actually just going to do all my sewing,  only,  from the existing fabrics that I already own (my husband told me to call it the large mountain of existing fabrics, but he doesn’t read other people’s sewing blogs, so he thinks it’s just me, ha!)

Of course, as soon as I thought I might commit to this, I went straight out and bought four metres of fabric to make a coat and some cushion covers!

But that’s it. No more fabric until July 2017. Dead simple. I have committed. Or should be!






16 thoughts on “How long can 6 months be?

  1. Best of luck with your pledge! This is something I frequently remind myself to do (shop the stash) and with fabric stores gone from my area it’s helped… But I might have to cut down on my blog reading so as not to get caught up in others’ latest purchases. . . si-i-igh! (Just joking !)
    Seriously, you are NOT alone, either with your stash, or your resolve not to increase it. xx

  2. You’re certainly not alone. I agree with Karen, I could do to join in. I, too, panic at times. However, I’ve made it a little easier for me – I’ll either use what I have or it’s okay to buy specifically for a project and use it. That last bit’s important or it just adds to stash. I have a lot of fabric left over from possible mother of the bride outfits and want to use those. Anne

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  4. We’re all the same! I bought the Cora app over Christmas and have logged 90% of my fabric, it’s sobering to see what you have, and in my case I keep buying repeats! (Navy blue I’m looking at you!)I am hoping to resist buying for 3 months, don’t think I can make 6. So long as this year I can sew more metres than I buy, I’ll be happy. Look forward to seeing your progress. I am aiming to do a monthly round up.

    • You’re right, me too. I keep buying turquoise florals. My knitting friend says if the fabric you like to buy is not what you like to wear then make it for someone else. Haha, anyone else mad about turquoise floral??!! I’ve mostly got the problem that I can’t bear to cut into the fabrics I do really like so I want to force myself to do that. I’m logging how much I use up and have made a start with Cora too, although i won’t need it as much now, 😦

  5. What a great pledge, much better than the chicken feathers idea!
    I did that one year with papercraft supplies and it was surprisingly easy, though I do still have a fairly extensive collection of papercraft supplies somehow!

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