Cord love them!

Hey there!

Before the warm weather hit us I decided I needed to copy a lovely shirt-dress I saw this lady wearing on Instagram a few months back. It was made in corduroy, and after making my  cord jeans I was looking for more projects in one of my favourite fabrics, and had managed to source a lovely Liberty needlecord, from memory from Sewbox too.


The dress itself had been bought from Laura Ashley, I established, so I needed to find a pattern for it and was lucky enough to find a very similar design on the StyleArc website. I don’t know about you, but very often  I know the design I want, and can spend ages tracking down the right pattern on the various websites. I really wish I could just search each website by design components e.g. raglan sleeve, v neck, gathered skirt etc, but they never seem to offer this option. If I had the time, the inclination, the finances and the skill, I’d would just go ahead build a website that would do all that for me 🙂

Anyway, the Style Arc Italia was pretty spot-on with it’s loose fit, darts front and back and with the added bonus of cute inserts at the hem.


It all came together pretty well, the fabric behaved beautifully and I’ve made quite a few shirts in my time too. As usual, I made some fit adjustments. The length I didn’t change so tall ladies take note, I’m only 5’4″.

  • 1cm broad back adjustment (probably should had added another 1cm)
  • lowered the darts 0.5cm
  • shortened arms 5cm
  • shortened darts at back and moved out 1cm
  • lowered pockets 2cm
  • positioned buttons where they best went (I almost never put them where they say!)


I’ve got to say I did have some quibbles with the pattern though.

  • the instructions for the sleeve placket were very poor and even after referring to their website I had an extra piece I wasn’t sure what to do with
  • the pockets are small and proportionally would only suit the smaller-breasted lady


On the positive side I loved the whole design and the cute little hem insert, which unfortunately is somewhat lost in this fabric.

The dress is probably better suited to a plain fabric to show off all the topstitching details, and I may do that one day.

I’ve sewn a lot of Style Arc and love their drafting but am coming to the conclusion that they mostly don’t draft for my body shape, so haven’t been tempted by their designs of late. I’m getting rather tired of seeing lots of baggy/voluminous tent like styles everywhere, but definitely have been inspired elsewhere.

Cos have opened a shop in Leeds and I’ve been very tempted to scoop up a few of their designs.



I do like a good plain garment with strong style lines, so my next projects will definitely incorporate some of these details this Summer.

Hope you’re all having a great Spring/Autumn. Until soon…..

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