Sheer Folly?

I seem to have fallen down the gauzy/lacey/ivory rabbit-hole recently, don’t I?


This skirt was made as a result of seeing Ada Spragg’s midi-skirt mini-shorts and shamelessly immediately purchasing 2 panels of the same skirt fabric from Etsy’s Lazy Ruler, as I had been looking for something similar for quite a while. Another lovely design may also have fallen into my shopping trolley too, ahem!

The fabric is lovely quality and quite soft,  and I knew it could be made up into a very simple skirt very easily, so I set to work cutting each panel into a very slight A line shape (suits my figure better than a rectangle) and pleating the top to fit my waist. In hindsight I should probably have gone more A line, as it still looks very rectangular, but the panels weren’t that wide unfortunately.

I tried it with a pale lining but black seemed to show off the subtle stripes better and perfectly preserves my modesty too.


I cut the lining fabric much shorter than the skirt and inserted an invisible zip into the side. Although I would have preferred to sew my zip into the back I didn’t want to cut up the beautiful panels.

For the waistband treatment I’d seen some high end RTW skirts using petersham on the outside with a raw edge finish so I decided to try it out.


I used the 1″ petersham you can buy pre-curved and it worked well in terms of fitting that area but I’m not convinced the raw edge really adds much, if anything when you see it on.


I did a tiny rolled hem with my machine foot to keep the bottom stripes even.  I’ve done a few recently and am really enjoying doing them, and with practice they’re coming out pretty good if I might say so myself. Straight edges are much easier too, of course!

Hope you’re all enjoying the last of your Summer sewing. That’s it for me I think for this year.  Autumn plans are beckoning and my Xmas list won’t make itself either!











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